Cards of The Crowdsource Tarot Cards

The Crowdsource Tarot has seven suits and one Trump:



Rice (Alpha of Foods)

An Indian woman stands behind a steaming pot of rice -- steaming so much that it nearly obscures her. She holds out a bowl of rice, her hand piercing the steam.

Upright: You are blessed: that which you most fundamentally need is being offered to you.

Reversed: You provide abundantly for others.


A pretty waitress presents a halved avocado in both hands, her position hinting at other pleasures.

Upright: You will soon receive an excellent offer.

Reversed: The offer is purely commercial. Enjoy yourself as you think best, but guard your diet, your wallet and your heart.


Two perfect strips of bacon sizzle in a cast iron pan. Mmm...bacon.

Upright: That which you are happily anticipating is about to be delivered to you.

Reversed: You are making the fundamental error of thinking what is best for you is really best for everyone.


A cheerful chef, his white toque adorned by mystical symbols, its top flopped into a lemniscate outline, stands at a counter with a measuring cup, a chef's knife, and a plate on it. He holds a whisk triumphantly skyward in one hand.

Upright: You have the power that comes from being skilled. Your cuisine reigns supreme.

Reversed: The esoteric and exoteric are inextricably combined.


An emaciated lion wearing a jacket and tie considers a dead crow in the middle of the road.

Upright: You may need to take your sustenance where you can find it, even if it is distasteful to you or others.

Reversed: Beware of pride; it will not serve you well.


A shabbily dressed man rummages through a dumpster behind a fancy restaurant. He has already collected a large bag of salvageable food.

Upright: There is a lot more to glean from your current situation than you think, if you will take the time to look.

Reversed: That which is useless to you may still be useful to another. Pass on what you do not need. Check your privilege.


A waiter in a tuxedo presents a wide-eyed catgirl with a flaming rainbow-scaled fish on a platter, surrounded by parsley.

Upright: Someone is trying to impress you. Enjoy the show, but realize that the thing you really want lies underneath.

Reversed: Look, don't touch, for now. Don't get burnt by jumping in too fast.

Ice cream

A soda jerk cheerfully puts the cherry on the top of a giant ice-cream sundae dripping with hot fudge, and offers it to the viewer.

Upright: Give yourself permission to take pure pleasure out of the good things that come to you.

Reversed: Do not delay. A good offer now will lose value the longer you let it sit.


On a crowded city street, a vendor sells dry-looking pretzels from a cart. A teenaged boy looks dubiously at his girlfriend as she buys herself one.

Upright: You can likely get the thing you think you want, but it will be disappointing once you actually have it.

Reversed: You cannot stop others from making their own mistakes.


Athena and Albert Einstein are chatting in a tea shop. An oriental-style black dragon refills their cups.

Upright: Seek out companions and surroundings which inspire you.

Reversed: Seek out companions who understand you.


A tired person in wizard's robes leans on a hoe in the middle of a zucchini patch. Glorious green zucchinis and brilliant yellow blossoms surround him.

Upright: The essentials of life may not be fancy, but they are fresh and abundant.

Reversed: You feel owned by your stuff rather than the other way around.


Coelacanth (Alpha of Beasts)

A coelacanth swims serenely in a beautiful blue-green sea.

Upright: You are connected to something very ancient.

Reversed: You focus too tightly on things of interest to very few people.


A tomcat sits on a fence under a full moon, yowling.

Upright: You should be ready to make noise in order to make sure your needs get met.

Reversed: The way you are dealing with what matters to you is becoming annoying to everyone else.


Wile E. Coyote sits at the edge of a cliff, trying to put together a complicated contraption out of pieces he removes from a giant box from the ACME Corporation.

Upright: You retain your optimism even though a positive outcome is unlikely.

Reversed: You've been here before. You'll be here again. But you cannot stop doing what your nature tells you to do.


A pure white ferret scampers and dances, playing with and biting a hackey-sack, stepping on the head of a sleeping and oblivious black-and-white ferret curled into a donut.

Upright: Enjoy what excites you!

Reversed: Shut out the universe and rest, even if someone is stepping on your head.


A wide screen television shows the spaceship Serenity floating placidly through space, its tail section lit brightly. A group of fen stare in rapt attention.

Upright: The things you create are for the people who can appreciate them. Fuck the mainstream.

Reversed: Don't waste all your energy on an unimportant, lost cause.


A gazebo stands unused in an open field, bedecked with flowers. A group of adventurers eye it warily, weapons drawn.

Upright: An orientation toward fear and defensiveness creates problems that did not previously exist.

Reversed: Sometimes, the most unlikely things can end up biting you in the ass.


A spotted hyena takes down a zebra, crushing its bones with powerful jaws.

Upright: It's time to act decisively.

Reversed: Run. Now.


A bull-man paces a circle in the middle of of a stone labyrinth. He has worn a track into the ground.

Upright: You will be able to put this problem aside until you are ready to deal with it.

Reversed: You have been holding your anger and depression for so long that it is nearly impossible for anyone to get through to you.


A rooster crows a welcome to the new dawn from the top of a fence, his tail and comb brilliant with firey colors. Goblins and tiny gnarled monsters flee into the shadows.

Upright: Dawn is coming. The night and its terrors flee before the light. You can have a fresh start.

Reversed: You may not be ready for the next thing, but it's coming anyway.


Seven sheep, their fleece the colors of the rainbow, wait in a line in front of a farmer holding shears.

Upright: Take what you will, so long as it can be spared.

Reversed: You are about to get fleeced.


A walrus walks along the beach with a collection of oysters, chatting amicably. A carpenter trails behind, with a slice of bread spread thick with butter.

Upright: Your methods are unquestionably effective, but perhaps ungracious.

Reversed: Someone is deceiving you.


A lycanthrope changes form under a full moon.

Upright: Honor the bestial and raw within your nature. Do not disdain parts of who you are.

Reversed: You are letting the coarser parts of your nature get the better of you.


Beldam (Alpha of Callings)

A withered old woman with white hair and a wandering eye offers to lay cards for the viewer.

Upright: Your future terrifies you more than you are willing to admit.

Reversed: Don't ask a question if you don't want to know the answer.


This card is divided along the diagonal. In the upper half, a shaman speaks with guides in the spirit world. In the lower half, he sits in trance while the family of a sick man looks on worriedly.

Upright: You serve a specific and valued role in your community.

Reversed: You should seek counsel or expert help.


An exhausted-looking woman sitting at her desk at a rape crisis center dabs at her eyes with a tissue as she speaks on the phone.

Upright: Your ability to understand others is more valued by those whom you help than they can directly express while they are still in pain.

Reversed: You do not need to take on everyone else's troubles. Don't forget to ground.


A woman sits with her left hand on a keyboard, her monitor full of pictures of bridges and gears. The pictures spill off the screen into reality; with her right hand, she is using a wrench on a nut in the real half.

Upright: Make a good plan, but don't be a slave to it.

Reversed: You are underestimating the complexity of the situation.


Icarus soars through the sky on a pair of wax wings, his face shining in ecstasy. The sun is visible, but still far away.

Upright: Full of joy, flying free, in the moment, you are at the top of your game. Having this experience is worth it, no matter what happens later on.

Reversed: The people who are advising caution aren't trying to spoil your fun. They care for you, and they're pretty smart.


A thriving community of people share a potluck dinner. Children are playing happily nearby, and two friends are hugging.

Upright: Rely on your chosen family for peace, safety, and refuge from the trials of the world.

Reversed: Infighting in community about petty details can make us lose track of how much we have in common.


A harlequin is trying to juggle mystical symbols: a pentacle, an ankh, a crescent moon, a wand. Most of them lie scattered around his feet. He is reaching for one that is outside his grasp, and about to trip on the pentacle.

Upright: You are trying to do too much at once, or something more ambitious than your skills allow.

Reversed: Your carelessness is your greatest liability.


Two anime-style mecha duel with overly-adorned swords and energy blasts in front of a pagoda. The one that is facing the viewer has an open cockpit; a terrified androgynous Asian youth is piloting it.

Upright: You don't think you can do this, but you can.

Reversed: There is no shame in using the best tools you have.


A cruel-looking crowned man lies sprawled on a throne, dying with a sai piercing his throat. Two courtiers look around in shock, but they do not see the black-garbed figure flattened against the ceiling.

Upright: The reasons for what is happening elude you, but the results are clear.

Reversed: Do what you need to do, but don't get caught.


A knight in silver armor with a red ankh on the chest, a shield in one hand, and a steaming teapot in the other stands protectively in front of a hysterically screaming person, guarding her from zombies.

Upright: You should focus on taking care of the people who depend on you.

Reversed: This situation is bad, but you are overreacting, making others respond to your drama as much as to the actual problem.


A woman in a well-designed business suit and heels checks her hair and lipstick in the office bathroom mirror.

Upright: You know you have the skills. The goal is to make sure *they* know you have the skills.

Reversed: If you want to win the game, you're going to have to play by the rules, even the ridiculous ones.


A long string of digits streams across the face of the card, against a background of paint splotches.

Upright: Go ahead. Give in to your whimsy.

Reversed: You're not imagining it. What's going on really doesn't make any sense.


An androgynous young person trails behind an industrious brick layer, surreptitiously taking down the wall and making the bricks into statues instead.

Upright: The filters you use to see the world help you to make choices, but limit your understanding of the truth.

Reversed: People do not appreciate it when you destroy what they care about just to make a point.


Lightbulb (Alpha of Devices)

A large, clear lightbulb, filament glowing, is surrounded by blindingly bright light. Inside it, two flies are screwing.

Upright: Your ideas are really good. Go for it!

Reversed: You are becoming burnt out.


Benjamin Franklin contemplates a Leyden jar being held to him by a hand emerging from a cloud.

Upright: You should begin collecting the things you will need later.

Reversed: It might be time to use some of the things you've been holding on to.


A robotic dog startles itself by looking at its own reflection in a mirror.

Upright: Look inside. Something that disturbs you in others is actually an unacknowledged aspect of yourself.

Reversed: This card reads the same in either direction.


A student sits reading one of a stack of books in a carrel at the university library, taking notes.

Upright: Do your research so you can make a well thought out decision.

Reversed: Don't believe everything you read.


A gleaming suspension bridge reaches across a wild river to a castle with shining turrets; a knight and a squire are riding over it.

Upright: You can be flexible, yet strong.

Reversed: You need to build bridges.


A woman holds her breath as her companion laces her into a brocade corset, her waist made impossibly thin.

Upright: The rules under which you are working give comforting definition and boundaries to your endeavors.

Reversed: You are constrained by influences beyond your control.


An impossibly tall, thin woman wearing a featureless mask struts down a runway in a frilly lingerie ensemble, while camera flashes illuminate her.

Upright: Present yourself in the way in which you want to be seen.

Reversed: Do not try to recreate yourself to meet the standards of others.


A fisher in a flying boat casts a net forth, trying to catch from a school of flying laptop computers. Mystical symbols show on their screens.

Upright: Cast your net wide: if you ask the right person, you will find what you seek.

Reversed: It is easy to get tangled up in distractions, so you should focus tightly on what is important to you.


A long line of cars snakes around the block outside a gas station, waiting to fill up. The posted price is ridiculously high.

Upright: Have patience. The resources you need are available, though the process of getting them is frustrating.

Reversed: The outcome you are expecting may not actually be worth the time and energy you are putting into it.


A child places the last piece into a jigsaw puzzle, on which is depicted the classic Rider-Waite image of the World.

Upright: Everything is about to fall into place the way it should.

Reversed: The current project is about to come to an end. You will have to find something new to engage you.


A robed woman is seated between a black and a white column. Her hands are busy with a half-rolled scroll on which the letters TARO can be seen.

Upright: She is unrolling the scroll: that which was secret will soon be revealed.

Reversed: She is rerolling the scroll: that which you thought was obvious is not, and may not even be true.


As a storm approaches, a street vendor selling incense and water pipes switches over to selling umbrellas.

Upright: Be prepared to take on opportunities that are likely to present themselves.

Reversed: When it rains, it pours.


Emergence (Alpha of States)

A tiny iridescent dragon hatches from a mottled green egg.

Upright: Something wonderful is about to begin!

Reversed: The most important thing is tiny and fragile; you must nurture and protect it.


A roguish young woman holding a glittering chain that she has just snatched flees from a corpulent, richly-dressed near-human merchant and his gnarled sidekick.

Upright: Time is of the essence. Act now.

Reversed: You got what you wanted. The hard part will be keeping it.


A representative for a drug company strides into a doctor's office, samples and literature in hand. He does not stop at the receptionist.

Upright: You can do it, and you know it. Hold your head high and be awesome.

Reversed: Don't make promises you are not absolutely sure you will be able to keep.


An anime catgirl and a space-suited seven-limbed alien are floating in a void, with stars and spiky spaceships in the background. They touch muzzles in a surprising moment of concord.

Upright: You will make a wonderful connection.

Reversed: Connections between very different kinds of people can be inherently limited. Accept and enjoy them for the valuable things they are, but do not require them to be everything.


An ostrich hides its head in the sand of its backyard, while bill collectors knock at its front door.

Upright: There are some uncomfortable truths you need to face before you can move forward.

Reversed: Ignoring your problems will not make them go away.


A hideous and wicked green-skinned hag holding a broom is melting into a puddle. A girl with a bucket in her hand watches, alarmed.

Upright: A surprising, and suprisingly mundane, means will solve your problem.

Reversed: Your weaknesses render you vulnerable to simple attacks; a direct conflict will be disastrous.


The Tin Woodman is sitting alone in the forest, poking his fingers into a ragged hole in his chest.

Upright: You are acutely lacking something that you feel you need.

Reversed: You need to begin the work of refilling yourself.


An uncannily perfect and modern mother in an uncannily perfect and modern home smiles an uncannily perfect and modern smile as she clicks a cable into a socket at the base of her disheveled son's head.

Upright: The whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Reversed: Resistance is difficult. You may find yourself more assimilated than you like.


Inside a quiet stone church, a woman dressed in black covers her face with her hands and weeps over the coffin of her beloved.

Upright: It is lost; it is gone; it is over.

Reversed: You have no obligation to get over your sorrows right away, even if your grief makes others uncomfortable.


A man in filthy clothes stands immobile in front of a supermarket shelf filled with many brands of laundry detergent, looking dazed and stressed. His cart is empty.

Upright: So many things are open to you that you don't know what to do next. But all the options will be fine.

Reversed: You continue to collect more information in lieu of making an actual decision.


A gleaming robotic musician steps onto a stage under brilliant lights, fingers ready to pluck a musical instrument that is part of its body.

Upright: People are really interested in what you have to offer right now.

Reversed: New things always look better, but may not stand the test of time.


In a perfect rose garden, a peacock spreads its tail to the fullest, the feathers shining under the noonday sun.

Upright: Go ahead and show off. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Reversed: Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.


An anthropomorphic white chess king is standing on the edge of a cliff. Behind him, the black queen stands with an axe; in the pit, the knights stand with pikes raised; in the tower above him, the bishops aim bows.

Upright: Your choices up to this point have backed you into a corner.

Reversed: The only way to win is not to play.


Birth (Alpha of Manifestations)

A woman, assisted by a doula and surrounded by family and friends, pushes her baby out.

Upright: Congratulations! Your projects are ready to manifest in the world. But this is only the beginning of something bigger.

Reversed: The responsibilities you are taking on are yours to keep, like it or not.


An elderly professor is about to be hit by an apple falling from the tree under which he sits reading. Nearby, a group of students tries not to laugh.

Upright: The people who really ought to help you don't seem to want to do so.

Reversed: Apparently, you need the universe to hit you with a clue-by-four. Try to pay attention this time.


Under the stars on the playa, frenetic nude dancers surround a grinning bearded man as he prepares to light a giant wooden human effigy.

Upright: Everything is in place. Just a little more action will transform the current situation into something huge.

Reversed: What you have prepared for will be awesome but short-lived.


A large black spider checks her web to find a tiny fairy caught in it.

Upright: You have the ability to make things that are both beautiful and effective, though it takes most of your energy.

Reversed: You are caught in a situation from which it may be impossible to extricate yourself.


A crocodile opens its mouth wide while a tiny yellow plover picks its dinner out from between the crocodile's sharp teeth.

Upright: Your relationships allow you to do many things it would be impossible to do alone.

Reversed: You have grown to rely on the help of others so much that you may no longer be able to be self-sufficient.


Brilliant red raspberries gleam from deep within a knotty tangle of bushes and vines. A butterfly sits on one berry.

Upright: The results of proceeding will be worth the trouble, but there will be trouble.

Reversed: You are making things more complicated than they need to be.


A small craggy island rests in the middle of a fierce lake, and, on its highest crag blooms a beautiful purple thistle, being visited by a bee. The lake is in full battle: a steamboat full of morningstar-armed gnomes fighting trident-wielding nereids.

Upright: You are safe.

Reversed: You are prickly and defensive, but your defenses are not actually helping you.


A meadow has been parched lately, for the flowers and grass are wilting, but now the rain and lightning of a sudden thunderstorm are falling towards it. A couple are racing from their picnic blanket for the shelter of an elm tree, but the storm's lightning is also reaching for the elm.

Upright: Solving your current problems hastily will bring still worse ones.

Reversed: This trouble is much needed, and you will laugh about it later.


A toddler gleefully sits in his mama's lap and squishes play dough between his fingers.

Upright: Don't forget to satisfy your senses. Walk barefoot in the grass. Give hugs.

Reversed: Demand your personal space when you need it.

The Unfindable

A miserable cyclops is surrounded by his flocks. He is patting the ground, desperately seeking his lost contact lens. In the corner of the picture, a stealthy Greek sailor is sneaking off, carrying a one-chambered contact lens case.

Upright: You are putting too much trust in a single thing.

Reversed: You are making things worse for others without actually making them any better for yourself.

The Void

A crowded city scene, with people of several species enjoying themselves in cafes and bookstores. A jagged shape taking about a quarter of the center of the card is erased and blank.

Upright: Something big has changed in a way which you have not yet noticed.

Reversed: You are forgetting something important.


Icosahedron (Alpha of Forms)

An RPG player smirks as she rolls a 20 on a 20 sided die.

Upright: Critical success! Things are about to go much better than you imagined.

Reversed: An unexpected opportunity is about to change all of your plans.


Harry Potter and Severus Snape share a passionate kiss. In the background, a bespectacled young woman smiles as she takes notes on a netbook.

Upright: You can make old things new by taking a look at them from a different angle.

Reversed: You are wasting your natural talents by being afraid to stray too far from the familiar.


A stern teacher sits in front of a classroom of scared students taking exams. The teacher is grading a paper in red pen, harshly.

Upright: Any infraction of the rules will be noted and penalized.

Reversed: The rules are arbitrary, but they are the rules. If you violate them, do so with full knowledge of the consequences.


People line up out the door of the McDonald's in Pushkin Square, while a nearby shashlyk stand remains patronless.

Upright: The new thing you are excited about is actually not that different from what you already have.

Reversed: You should not try to run other people's lives for them, even if they seem to want to let you.


A rabbi, a priest, and a mullah walk into a gay bar, laughing together.

Upright: You are walking the right balance between innovation and tradition.

Reversed: The people in power have noticed that you are doing things a little too differently.


A long line of identical androids stands waiting to be dressed by robots and packed into shipping boxes.

Upright: No surprises --your situation will unfold in exactly the way you expect.

Reversed: Why would you expect the same behavior to yield different results?


A college student leaves his books aside to post the results of a "Which Star Trek character are you?" quiz to his Facebook profile.

Upright: You are a trendsetter, and people like your ideas.

Reversed: You think the mundane details of your life are more important to others than they really are.


A brightly colored box sits on a table while a philosopher considers it. On the floor, a litter box and a bowl of kibble lay untouched.

Upright: The process of contemplating your problem may be more enlightening than actually seeking the answer.

Reversed: You may be an incidental casualty of the results of someone else's agenda.


An anthropomorphic turtle holds up a card on which is depicted an anthropomorphic turtle holding up a card, on which is depicted an anthropomorphic turtle holding up a card.

Upright: Your big hard problem can be dealt with as a bunch of small easy problems. Take small steps towards solving it.

Reversed: You need to find some way to break this loop.


A scientist stands at a lab bench, holding up a Petri dish with a few spots of blue-green mold and a few ugly blotches cowering away from the mold. Curiosity is starting to turn to amazement on his face. A loaf of bread with spots of the same mold sits on the bench.

Upright: Pay attention and ask questions: the wondrous awaits you.

Reversed: Some mistakes and misfortunes are greatly to be treasured.


An earthquake shakes a small town street, toppling the people walking by. A large crack appears in the sidewalk.

Upright: Things are changing. Wait and see what the new situation is before proceeding.

Reversed: The things you are relying on for support are not stable.


A cyborg cockroach giggles as it plays with an old copy of Eliza on an Apple IIE.

Upright: Radical changes are underway, the details of which cannot even be imagined from here. The future is a mystery by its very nature.

Reversed: You just don't get it, and there's no way anyone can explain it to you any better.


A pair of neighbors lean on a fence, chatting, as their children play tag in the garden. Their utterances are diagrammed over their heads.

Upright: The fundamental order of the universe is visible in all things.

Reversed: Don't pay so much attention to deep structure that you forget to listen to what is being said.


Yes (Alpha of Alpha)

The word 'Yes' is repeated across the field of the card in many fonts and languages.

Upright: Yes. Unquestionably. Yes.

Reversed: This card cannot be reversed.

The Crowdsource Tarot is copyright 2009 Victoria Borah Bloom and Bard Bloom. You may redistribute this freely in whole or part provided that the text is not changed and this copyright notice is included.