About the Crowdsource Tarot

The Crowdsource Tarot is divided into seven suits, each with 11-13 cards, plus a single trump card, "Yes". Each suit has an Alpha card, which can be read both with its particular meaning and as a general guide that the themes of that suit are important to the reading.

Reversals should always be read. The reverse meanings are as integral to the cards as the upright ones, and are not always negative. Frequently, the reversed card's meaning is based on the point of view of a different figure from the image than the upright card. For example, in the Walrus card, the reversed meaning places the querent in the situation of the oysters instead.

The suits can also represent levels of focus in an extended Maslow hierarchy. If several cards in the same suit and/or the Alpha of the suit appear in a reading, this can be read as an indication of where the focus for the question lies.

Beasts: Instinct
Foods: Physiological
Devices: Safety
Manifestations: Belonging
Callings: Esteem
States: Aesthetics
Forms: Transcendence

The Trump card was a special surprise for us, since we were given the word "Yes", and it just seemed very important. We've always joked that it is frustratingly difficult to get a clear yes/no answer out of the Tarot, and here we were with a Yes card. We considered making the Yes reverse to "No", or to "Yes, but", but ultimately we went with just what we were given: a deck that can say yes to you easily, but has to work harder to say no to you. At the crown of this deck, there is this wisdom: The Universe is just waiting for us to say Yes to it, so it can say Yes back.

The Crowdsource Tarot is primarily a divination deck, rather than a deck for contemplation. It is a guide to living in the real, modern world. Its voice is practical and playful and perhaps a little snarky. Most standard reading methods should work well with it. The autodivination tool which we offer you does a simple three-card reading -- Basis, Situation, and Outcome -- but you can use the reading with other three-card spread schemes. The fact that the images are described in text rather than in actual art is a limitation of the authors. We are writers, not artists.

The Crowdsource Tarot is copyright 2009 Victoria Borah Bloom and Bard Bloom. You may redistribute this freely in whole or part provided that the text is not changed and this copyright notice is included. http://crowdsourcetarot.makeincense.com