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Tarot is a complex tool. It relies on the ability of the human mind to build patterns out of randomness, to create meaning out of chaos, to find messages in the things the Universe hands us, to take things outside of ourselves and internalize them. The rich imagery inherent in a well-built deck gives the mind a wealth of material with which to work. But each deck is different, and intentionally or unintentionally makes some things easier to say, and some more difficult, through the schema which it presents.

We were curious about what schema would emerge from the group mind of our community. We took a poll of 87 friends, asking them each for one word which appealed to them, and then used the words to describe the world through the lens of a divination deck. The themes for the deck fell together surprisingly naturally. How much of this is due to the heart of our community making some internal sort of sense and how much is our natural talents as chaos-managers is unclear. But from these 87 diverse writing prompts, we have built something which we think you can use to gain insight into your lives, and which we hope you will enjoy.

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